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Please find following some information and questions for you to get the design process underway for your book.

We find a good way to get started on the designs is for the self-publisher to provide us with some cover and interior designs that reflect how they would like their book to look. So, you can go to a book store or have a look on your shelves, or have a look online. A good place to start can be the Booktopia link below.

You can also see some of our recent covers here:

For the cover, have a think about colours, images, fonts and layout. For the interior, have a think about fonts, layout, spacing, and the design of the chapter pages. If you’re not sure yet, we’re sure you’ll find some ideas when you start looking. You can send these design ideas to us however you like: copy them into a Word file, screenshots, JPGs, scans, snap them with your phone, mail the books to us. You can attach files to this form, or email them to Anna at the email address below. A few words on what you like about each design can be helpful as well, and any other information you’d like to provide that you think might be useful. 

It’s also very helpful if you can briefly and succinctly answer the following questions for us about your cover. Of course, we generally know the answers to these questions, but getting your thoughts on these at this point is very useful to help us get the right feel for the cover. 

Once you’ve done this we’ll send you some ideas for the cover and interior, and then we go back and forth as needed until we have designs that you are happy with. If the schedule permits we like to develop the cover first, and then we can use elements from the cover design in the interior. Sometimes we have self-publishers who have no suggestions for the interior and just want us to come up with some ideas, and that’s fine too. (We do however need some direction for the cover, otherwise the process can be quite difficult.) 

Don’t hesitate to give Anna a call or email if you have any queries: 

(03) 9888 9549 

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