Confidently produce a brilliant quality, professional book on your terms that helps you stand out and make a serious impact.

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Learn how to navigate the self-publishing world the right way - from manuscript to a beautiful published work.

With over 20 years in publishing, my team and I have worked with many best-selling authors across many different subject areas and have seen time and again how writing a book can launch or boost a business. But when becoming an author the whole process can be a little daunting. Many of our clients ask “What do I do now?”.

For the dedicated DIY’er and self driven entrepreneurial- minded, ready to bring your message to the world with flair and impact, our self-paced course, The Self-publisher’s Toolkit is designed for you.

Covering our proven process, it will guide and empower you to own and manage every step in publishing the best book you can with absolute clarity and confidence. With information that covers the process from end-to-end, including editing, cover design, ebooks and publicity PLUS a community of authors, entrepreneurs and publishing geniuses, we believe it’s got everything to help you successfully make it happen.

We can’t wait to have you join us in 2022.


Michael Hanrahan
Director of Publishing, Publish Central

‘This is valuable information and I wish that I had access to this before I printed my book!


What exactly is The
Self-publisher’s Toolkit?

Welcome To The Course
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It’s our flagship course for those who want to manage the entire book publishing process themselves, or want to deep dive into how to self publish in order to produce an awesome book to help build their profile and their business. It brings together the experience and know-how of one of Australia’s most respected publishing teams.

It is a comprehensive and practical 6-module online training program, combined with access to a community of authors and some of the best minds in the business, that teaches smart, effective strategies and offers tips and tools for producing a fantastic book – from start to finish.

From your key message to having your manuscript assessed, to editing, layout and covers, through to printing, bookshop distribution and ebooks, it’s all covered. It’s designed to help eliminate the barrier of uncertainty around the steps, costs and pitfalls of writing and personally publishing your story, on your terms. It is likely to answer the questions you didn’t even know you had!

Just a few of the things this course will teach you:


Take the
guesswork out.

At Publish Central we realise:

That’s why, with The Self-publisher’s Toolkit we:

What do you actually get?
How does the course work?

Six (6) Online Modules And Over 50 Lessons You Can Access Anytime, Anywhere For 12 Months

As soon as you join you’ll be privy to our proven roadmap and tips to produce a fantastic book. All the modules are available from day one which allows you to choose the topic you wish to cover first. The course is designed to give you absolute clarity and provide you with the practical steps you need to take. Mark the modules as you complete them. Full access for 12 months. Includes video.

A supportive community 24/7

Iron sharpens iron! You’re never alone on this journey with our private Facebook group ‘Publish Central Members’ Lounge. Spark conversations with other authors, publishers and like-minded professionals.

Access to Michael Hanrahan and the experienced team at Publish Central

If you still have questions or need further advice, get direct feedback from us in our Members’ Lounge. We’ll also pop in live regularly to bring you advice and insights. And if you have any concerns about the course, just let us know.

Plus two super helpful bonuses:

BONUS Complimentary ½ Hour Discovery Call with Michael Hanrahan (Value $80)

Get leading advice and guidance from an experienced writer, self-publisher and director of publishing. Maybe you need a bit of advice to get you underway. Or maybe you have some questions about a specific part of the process. Michael can help you get clarity, get unstuck and move forward with confidence.

BONUS My Book Plan

A downloadable PDF guide containing detailed checklists to make sure you don’t miss anything and help manage each step of your book publishing process.

Michael Hanrahan and all his team at Publish Central are subject matter experts and exceptionally professional in self-publishing. They guide you, teach you and support you through the whole process, nothing is too much trouble. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


What´s inside the modules


Planning your writing and publishing



Publishing costs and timeframes



Finding, selecting and briefing your publishing team



Managing your printing



Getting your book out there



Things you can do with your book after it is published


The step-by-step roadmap to produce a stand out, high impact book

The Self-publisher’s Toolkit distils Publish Central’s vast publishing experience and knowledge. This is the exact same process and tools we use to produce amazing books for our full service clients and help them grow their authority and impact. Yes it takes time, effort and commitment – but doesn’t everything that’s worthwhile.   We know it works and we know you CAN publish a stand out book yourself.

This information is invaluable.  If you don’t think so, we’ll give you your money back.

The Publish Central Team

What people have said.

‘Good, clear structure. The common mistakes section is gold!’

‘Great introduction for what to expect when writing a book.’

‘So much good information about what to expect and things that I would never even have thought about.’

‘This was SO useful to get an idea of what to expect.’

‘So much detail.’

‘This is valuable information and I wish that I had access to this before I printed my book!’

‘A good, common sense, easy-to-use program. Great insight and knowledge.’

‘I like the structure of the course – the layout is clear, clean and easy to use. The drop-downs with more information are gold. It is also fantastic that this course has been written by Australians for Australians.’

What’s holding YOU back getting started
on your self-publishing journey?

Ico Publish

You’re unsure about exactly what you need to do, when and how. ‘Where do I start?’ ‘What’s next?’

The internet and the blog-o-sphere are filled with dos and don’ts and conflicting information and advice. You’re confused, overwhelmed and feeling stuck. 

This course will give you clarity around the exact steps you need to take. Plus you have a bonus call with Michael for further guidance and advice.

Ico Publish

Financially you only have a limited budget to invest in bringing your book to life. 

You want to start small and need a way to cost-effectively manage the process yourself. You are also concerned about the exact costs involved.

This course is designed for the DIYer and those who want to tightly manage the process. This course is a great, cost effective way to get advice around the self-publishing process and an understanding of the potential costs involved.

Ico Publish

You’re not feeling confident that you have what it takes to organise and produce a book that makes an impact.

We believe that everybody has a unique message and the ability to share it with the world. What is achievable for any author is producing a professional-standard book that you can market and distribute to your target readers. We’ve worked with people from all walks of life who have successfully self-published. This course will give you the roadmap to do it. It’s what we follow everyday.

Ico Publish

You feel alone on this journey and not sure where to turn for genuine and expert help and support.

You don’t want the process to feel like climbing Mount Everest. You want it to be fun and enjoyable. And you’re not sure who to trust with the vision for your book.

With The Self-publisher’s Toolkit not only do you get access to the 20+ years of knowledge and experience of our team, but you also get access to an online community of like-minded professionals and authors.

Make 2022 your year.
Don’t wait another day to begin your
self-publishing journey and get your
words out into the world.

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Michael Hanrahan is a publishing genius!  I could not and would not recommend anyone else when it comes to the process of self publishing.


Is this course right for you?

Are you a driven and passionate professional, entrepreneur or individual seeking to share their story and experience in order to educate, inspire or empower?  Do you want to grow your authority, business or impact?   Are you ready to build something that gives you a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment?     If you’re ready to make a real difference and you are committed to putting in the time and work to make it happen, then this course is for you.  This course not only gives you a detailed understanding of the steps you need to take but also the freedom, choice and control when it comes to managing the publishing of your book.

Yes, it’s right for you if:

  • You are a new or aspiring writer who wants to get a strong understanding of the self-publishing process.
  • You want to get out of the multi-hour, multi-day research rabbit holes and digging through the overwhelming and often questionable advice being regurgitated across the blog-o-sphere.
  • You are invested in leveraging the growing knowledge industry and sharing your message in the form of a published book.
  • You are ready to establish yourself as a thought leader and accelerate your business growth by touching more lives.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit! You are a self-starter and are driven to make things happen. You see this as an investment and are willing to put in the time, effort and commitment.
  • You enjoy independence and control and find fulfilment in understanding and managing the entire process.
  • You want to take this at your own pace but need an end date to create momentum.

This course is probably not right for you if:

  • You are looking for a sure-fire formula for producing a bestselling book (there isn’t one).
  • You are trying to produce a book quickly with a limited amount of effort (it takes time and effort to produce a good book).
  • You are not prepared or able to invest at least a little bit of money to have your book well produced (it takes at least a small financial investment to produce a good book).

Who are you learning from?

an author who has used self publishing services to publish his own book in australia


Michael’s father was a writer, so he grew up in a house overflowing with books. He has inherited his father’s love of words and writing, which is why he chose to work in publishing. Michael completed his Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Deakin University in 1997, and has since worked in-house and as a freelancer. He has held the positions of editor, editor and production coordinator, and managing editor for Wrightbooks (Australia’s leading publisher of business and finance titles) and John Wiley & Sons Australia.

He has worked with many bestselling authors and publishers, including Oxford University Press, Random House, RMIT Publishing, Australian Book Review, HardieGrant, Overland, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Crown Casino and the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Michael is also a regular presenter at the annual Small Press Network publishing conference. Michael specialises in producing high-quality books, and he created Publish Central using the same people and publishing systems as the major publishers.


Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s #1 small business and entrepreneurial author with 14 books now sold in over 60 countries. Described by most as a street-smart entrepreneur, Andrew bought his first business at the age of 17. Since then, and for the best part of 30 years, he has owned and operated many businesses.

Today he is known for being a bestselling author, a business and writing coach and a global presenter, and his passion is to inspire and energise entrepreneurs by sharing his own experiences, observations and realisations. Andrew teaches people how to write, publish and leverage their own book, and has helped many hundreds of small business authors produce their books. He also provides strategy sessions on how to write a book, turning your manuscript into a book, and how to get maximum leverage from a book after it is published.

Andrew Griffiths
Publish Central Team


As well as Michael and Andrew, Publish Central features a highly experienced team of editors, printers, proofreaders and designers, who have experience with all of the major publishers in Australia, including Penguin, Random House, Hardie Grant, RMIT Publishing, Lonely Planet, and Oxford University Press.

Over the last 20-plus years we’ve worked with every major publisher in Australia, and have helped many hundreds of authors write and publish high-quality books. We believe that publishing success begins with producing a great book, and to do that you need honest and reliable information, not exaggerated hype and unrealistic promises.  

That’s what this course is designed to give you.

Michael and the team are fabulous to work with, super organised, responsive and totally committed.


There is not one else like Andrew Griffiths.  He is larger than life, totally driven to help others and makes doing business a blast.


Get the course today and get the critical insight
and tools to go from manuscript to a beautiful
 published work.

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Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We believe this course provides a clear, comprehensive and practical guide to publishing a great book yourself. We stand behind this content — it’s the exact same process we apply every day! If you don’t find the information valuable, we’ll be happy to provide a refund.

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A book for you,
a book for
someone else.

For every Self-publisher’s Toolkit that is purchased, we’ll donate $50 to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We believe everybody who wants books should have books. Lots of books. Books DO change lives.


Why we love this course

Firstly books are in our blood. Our team are writers, authors, publishers, and designers who believe everyone should have the opportunity to successfully bring their messages to the world. Our mission is to literally empower the world’s change makers to create extraordinary books with self- belief, confidence and freedom, and have fun doing it!

With backgrounds working for some of the biggest publishing houses and authors in Australia, we created Publish Central to help authors and aspiring authors access top-level professional advice, maintain a strong level of control and produce an extremely high quality book without the frustration, rejection and lack of control that often comes with more traditional routes or the, unfortunately, poor quality and service given by self-publishing cowboys. Publish central works to the highest design, editing and production standards, and partners with the same people and companies as the major publishers to produce authors’ books. We are have been helping self-publishers for almost 20 years.

While we are often asked to manage the entire self-publishing process or play a significant role in it, we recognised there were driven and passionate professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals who wanted to do it all themselves for a variety of reasons – to understand and experience the process fully, to source their own team, to manage a tight budget. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of them.

This course not only gives you a detailed understanding of the steps you need to take but also the freedom, choice and control when it comes to managing the publishing of your book. It gives you the knowledge and tools that we’ve built up over 20+ years and presents it in an easy to follow, and sometimes humorous way!

Publish Central are passionate about giving authors the confidence and self belief to fulfill their dreams. We care deeply about creating outstanding, impactful books that uplevel your business and your influence. We seek to make the experience easier, more enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling! We want the whole process to feel supportive and encouraging. We love the industry and are committed to its success and the success of the self publishers themselves. We are the co-founders of the Australian Business Book Awards which recognise entrepreneurs, business people and business owners who have written and published a book demonstrating their skill, knowledge and experience in their industry.

We do this for the love of knowledge,
books and unique voices, and how they change the world.

Darren With Book

Your course takeaways


We’re all about making the process of writing and publishing your best book clear and straightforward. We want to remove resistance and self doubt. The more you know and understand, the more enjoyable the journey and you can avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls.


At the end of the day, this course is designed to help you personally produce an amazing book that you’re proud of and gives you enhanced self-belief and conviction. In addition to this, the experience, dependability and approachability of our team will instill within you peace of mind that you will successfully produce a great book. You can rest assured that you have the right partner behind you that actually cares about the outcome almost as much as you! You’re in the best of hands!


 We’re actually more like family. Iron sharpens iron! You get to connect with other driven business professionals and authors. You also get access to the Publish Central team. While practical guidance on the process is critical, we find the game changer is being connected with people who share the same values and intentions. You are in control of your book journey, but you don’t have to do it alone!


You have control over every aspect of your book. While we’ll advise and give you hints and tips, you get to make the final decisions. You also get to control how much you invest and you get to keep and control the revenues from your book. It’s your story.


A book that brings your unique experience and message to the world in a way that rivals those produced by the big publishing firms can really give you the influence and authority you need to make a real difference. You are no longer the person who does something or is passionate about a topic, you’re now the person who wrote the book on it! Now that’s a pretty weighty business card.

Bring your book to life with clarity and confidence.

YOU CAN produce an outstanding book. Knock the uncertainty and overwhelm and get your message out there, on your terms, with The Self-publisher’s Toolkit.  

Expert advice, valuable insight, practical tools and genuine support. Everything you need to confidently and successfully manage the whole process yourself and publish a book you’re proud of. Get ready to share your message, differentiate your business, grow your credibility and authority, and change lives.

Have additional questions?

We want to ensure you make the right decision for you and the
book you have decided to write.

The Self-publisher’s Toolkit

One payment only of:



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