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Introducing ‘The Self-publisher’s Toolkit’

This self-publishing course provides the exact steps to master the self-publishing journey
and confidently produce a seriously professional book.
From the team who do this for a living
(for over 20 years).

‘What do I do now?’

What if you could confidently manage every step in publishing
your book and bringing your message to the world? What if you
had the proven roadmap and the right community to make
smart choices and avoid the pitfalls?

Demystify the world of self-publishing. Get the step-by-step plan, and the right support, for publishing your book like a pro completely on your terms. Here is the essential guide to self-publishing for self-driven entrepreneurs, professionals and serious non-fiction authors ready to share their unique message and enhance their authority and impact.






What Does Our Self-publishing Course Consist Of?

Our self-publishing course will take your book from an idea or a Word document to a professional business tool, a powerful ‘business card’, and open up new opportunities to grow and make an impact. Would you like the proven and practical roadmap to do it?

We know that sharing your message in the form of a book can bring next-level success and true fulfilment — a sense of contribution, growth and accomplishment. At Publish Central we help people who are serious about sharing their knowledge and gifts tap into the fast-rising knowledge industry with a premium book produced on their terms.   

The Self-publisher’s Toolkit, our flagship course, is for those who want to manage the entire process themselves or want to deep dive into how to self-publish. It is a six-module online training program, combined with access to a community of authors and some of the best minds in the business, that teaches smart, effective strategies for self-publishing a stand out book. The self-publishing course helps serious non-fiction authors navigate the many paths that lead to a published book. It’s designed to help eliminate the barrier of uncertainty around the steps, costs and pitfalls of writing and personally publishing your story, on your terms. It guides you through Publish Central’s proven formula, explaining in an accessible yet in-depth style — without jargon but with subtle humour — the essential steps to create a powerful business tool in the form of a book.

It’s an online course combined with access to like-minded professionals and experienced industry folk — all in the one place.   

Welcome To The Course
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‘It is a lack of clarity that creates
chaos and frustration. Those
emotions are poison to any
living goal.’


When it comes to self-publishing, we know there are a few things that
hold entrepreneurs and business professionals back from getting started.

Ico Publish

You’re unsure about exactly what you need to do, when and how. ‘Where do I start?’ ‘What’s next?’

The internet and the blog-o-sphere are filled with dos and don’ts and conflicting information and advice. You’re confused, overwhelmed and feeling stuck. 

Ico Publish

Financially you only have a limited budget to invest in bringing your book to life. 

You want to start small and need a way to cost-effectively manage the process yourself. You are also concerned about the exact costs involved.

Ico Publish

You’re not feeling confident that you have what it takes to organise and produce a book that makes an impact.

It’s all new. You have self-doubt. 

Ico Publish

You feel alone on this journey and not sure where to turn for genuine and expert help and support.

You don’t want the process to feel like climbing Mount Everest. You want it to be fun and enjoyable.  

Why we developed this self-publishing course

We understand:

That’s why, with our online course, we:

Senior Adult

What am I going to learn?

The self-publishing course is going to take you from start to finish through the process of publishing an incredible book – 
from your key message to having your manuscript assessed, to editing, layout and covers, through to printing, bookshop distribution and ebooks. It is likely to answer the questions you didn’t even know you had! 

Here’s a snapshot:


A sneak peek inside the modules.


Planning your writing and publishing



Publishing costs and timeframes



Finding, selecting and briefing your publishing team



Managing your printing



Getting your book out there



Things you can do with your book after it is published


What do I get? How does the course work?

This self-publishing course is a self-paced program that you can complete over a 12-month period. All the modules are available from day one which allows you to choose the topic you wish to cover first. As soon as you commit to the program, you’ll receive:

Everything you need to know — clear, practical steps to self-publish.
Six comprehensive and practical online modules and over 50 lessons giving you clarity around the steps to take. Mark the modules as you complete them. Full access for 12 months.

A supportive community 24/7.
Iron sharpens iron! You’re never alone on this journey with our private Facebook Members’ Lounge. Spark conversations with other authors, publishers and like-minded professionals.

Access to Michael Hanrahan and the experienced team at Publish Central.
Get direct feedback from us. If you still have questions, throw them at us in the Facebook group. We’ll also pop in live regularly to bring you advice and insights.


BONUS Complimentary ½ Hour Consultation Call with Michael Hanrahan.
Get leading advice and guidance from an experienced writer and self-publisher.

BONUS My Book Plan.
A downloadable PDF guide containing detailed checklists to make sure you don’t miss anything and help manage each step of your book publishing.

Who am I learning from? Who is Publish Central?

This self-publishing course has been developed by respected and seriously experienced folk in the writing and publishing industry who care deeply about creating outstanding, impactful books that uplevel your business and your influence. We’ve taken the same solid and successful formula we use when we work one-on-one with authors and turned it into a comprehensive and practical step-by-step online guide. The Self-publisher’s Toolkit distils our team’s vast publishing experience, knowledge and passion with lessons made up of expert advice, videos and tips. As a member of the private Facebook group you’ll also have access to us regularly for more great insights and to answer your questions.

Michael Hanrahan

Michael Hanrahan1

Michael’s father was a writer, so he grew up in a house overflowing with books. He has inherited his father’s love of words and writing, which is why he chose to work in publishing. Michael completed his Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Deakin University in 1997, and has since worked in-house and as a freelancer. He has held the positions of editor, editor and production coordinator, and managing editor for Wrightbooks (Australia’s leading publisher of business and finance titles) and John Wiley & Sons Australia.

He has worked with many bestselling authors and publishers, including Oxford University Press, Random House, RMIT Publishing, Australian Book Review, HardieGrant, Overland, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Crown Casino and the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Michael is also a regular presenter at the annual Small Press Network publishing conference. Michael specialises in producing high-quality books, and he created Publish Central using the same people and publishing systems as the major publishers.

Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s #1 small business and entrepreneurial author with 14 books now sold in over 60 countries. Described by most as a street-smart entrepreneur, Andrew bought his first business at the age of 17. Since then, and for the best part of 30 years, he has owned and operated many businesses.

Today he is known for being a bestselling author, a business and writing coach and a global presenter, and his passion is to inspire and energise entrepreneurs by sharing his own experiences, observations and realisations. Andrew teaches people how to write, publish and leverage their own book, and has helped many hundreds of small business authors produce their books. He also provides strategy sessions on how to write a book, turning your manuscript into a book, and how to get maximum leverage from a book after it is published.

The Publish Central Team

As well as Michael and Andrew, Publish Central features a highly experienced team of editors, printers, proofreaders and designers, who have experience with all of the major publishers in Australia, including Penguin, Random House, Hardie Grant, RMIT Publishing, Lonely Planet, and Oxford University Press. 

Michael Hanrahan is a publishing genius! I could not and would not recommend anyone else when it comes to the process of self publishing.

Sarah Bartholomeusz, Three-time author

There is no one else like Andrew Griffiths. He is larger than life, totally driven to help others and makes doing business a blast.

Anh Doh, Comedian, Bestselling author

Is this course right for me?

Are you a driven and passionate professional, entrepreneur or individual seeking to share their story and experience in order to educate, inspire or empower? Do you want to grow your authority, business or impact? Are you ready to build something that gives you a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment? If you’re ready to make a real difference and you are committed to putting in the time and work to make it happen, then this  self-publishing course is for you. This course not only gives you a detailed understanding of the steps you need to take but also the freedom, choice and control when it comes to managing the publishing of your book.

Is This Course Right For Me

Specifically, the Self-publisher’s Toolkit is right for you if:

This course is probably not right for you if:

‘I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don’t do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.’


What you’ll experience.

Clarity – we’re all about making the process of writing and publishing your best book clear and straightforward. We want to remove resistance and self doubt. The more you know and understand, the more enjoyable the journey and you can avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls.
Confidence – at the end of the day, this course is designed to help you personally produce an amazing book that you’re proud of and gives you enhanced self-belief and conviction. In addition to this, the experience, dependability and approachability of our team will instill within you peace of mind that you will successfully produce a great book. You can rest assured that you have the right partner behind you that actually cares about the outcome almost as much as you! You’re in the best of hands!

Community – we’re actually more like family. Iron sharpens iron! You get to connect with other driven business professionals and authors. You also get access to the Publish Central team. While practical guidance on the process is critical, we find the game changer is being connected with people who share the same values and intentions. You are in control of your book journey, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Control – You have control over every aspect of your book. While we’ll advise and give you hints and tips, you get to make the final decisions. You also get to control how much you invest and you get to keep and control the revenues from your book. It’s your story.
Credibility – a book that brings your unique experience and message to the world in a way that rivals those produced by the big publishing firms can really give you the influence and authority you need to make a real difference. You are no longer the person who does something or is passionate about a topic, you’re now the person who wrote the book on it! Now that’s a pretty weighty business card.
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The Self-publisher’s Toolkit distils the Publish Central team’s vast publishing experience and knowledge. We use this same formula every day.
Here’s what our clients have to say.

Michael Hanrahan and all his team at Publish Central are subject matter experts and exceptionally professional in self publishing. They guide you, teach you and support you through the whole process, nothing is too much trouble. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Conor O’Malley, Author of Trust

I had never published a book before so there was a lot to learn as I had no idea where to even start. Michael took me through each stage of publishing a book by communicating clearly what was involved in every step.

Jane HilLsDon, First-time author

Michael and the team are fabulous to work with, super organised, responsive and totally committed.

Cathy Love, author of Becoming Chief

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Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We believe this course provides a clear, comprehensive and practical guide to publishing a great book yourself. We stand behind this content — it’s the exact same process we apply every day! If you don’t find the information valuable, we’ll be happy to provide a refund.

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