Book printing and distribution

Book printing and distribution services

If we manage your book printing and distribution for you, your book will be printed by Australia’s leading book printer which prints for all the major publishers, including printing the Harry Potter books.

We can help you make all the decisions about your printing, including:

  • how many copies to print
  • what paper to use
  • whether to use matt or gloss lamination on your cover
  • whether you should consider cover print options such as embossing or other embellishments.
When deciding on your quantity, think about:

  • who you want to send the book to
  • how many copies you think you can sell
  • what marketing and publicity you might do
  • whether you will be distributing through bookshops (which will require more copies).

Print runs vary widely depending on authors’ needs. Our typical print runs are 100 to 300 copies for self-publishers not using bookshop distribution and 300 to 500 copies for self-publishers who are using bookshop distribution. (Our distributor usually takes 100 to 200 copies of our books.)

The more copies you print, the lower the print cost will be per book. You may wish to factor this into your decision, but more important are the factors listed above. It’s no good getting a lower price per book but then ending up with more printed books than you actually need. And keep in mind that you can always reprint quickly if you get low on stock.

After the files for your book have been sent to the printer, ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand formatting and upload commence (if you are taking up these options).

Your ebook will appear on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble), and other outlets. Your print-on-demand book will be listed on Amazon, Booktopia, and The Book Depository, and may also be listed on The Nile, Fishpond, ALS, James Bennett, DA Information Services, Peter Pal, Westbooks, Biblioquest, Rainbow Book Agencies, Koorong, HolisticPage and Wheelers NZ. And your audiobook will appear on Amazon’s Audible.

How will Publish Central print and distribute my book?

Once your book is complete, it’s time to get it out into the world. We offer bookshop distribution via Australia’s leading independent book distributor, which makes your book available for order by bookstores throughout Australia. You can also make your book available using our ebook, print on demand, and audiobook options (via our audio partner).


If you have taken up bookshop distribution with us, the agreed quantity of books (usually 100 to 200) will be sent from the printer directly to our distributor. (Please note that we have no control over which stores might stock your book; we make the book available, but the choice to stock your book is up to the individual stores.) If you are using our print-on-demand and ebook distribution service, these will usually start to appear in outlets a week or two after your book is printed. This is because after the book is sent to the printer, it needs to be converted into an ebook file and formatted for the print-on-demand printer, then distributed to stores.

We can also offer advice on any distribution options you may be managing yourself, such as selling your book on your own website, promoting it at a conference, or giving a special offer to your clients.

What types of book editing are there?

A manuscript assessment is when an editor reviews your book and advises you on what improvements can be made. Most authors don’t have this done. It’s most useful in the early stages of your writing if you need some guidance.
The detailed editing process begins with a macro view of the content of your book, called a ‘developmental edit’ (or sometimes a ‘structural edit’). This is where the editor reads your book and provides feedback on the content and overall structure. This is an optional step for authors who would like some additional assistance. It is most useful if you have finished your first or second draft and you think you need some help organising the book into a logical structure. Your editor will read your book and provide feedback such as the following:
  • Highlighting where your book may benefit from additional information
  • Pointing out any repetition
  • Suggesting re-ordering, addition or removal of chapters
  • Suggesting any significant areas of text that could be removed.

Copyediting is where your editor will start to focus on the text in more detail. You’ll work closely with your editor to make your book as good as it can be.

Proofreading is the final step in the editing of your book. It’s the final check for errors by an editor or proofreader who has not previously read the book. This provides a fresh set of eyes.
Copyediting and proofreading are essential to produce a high-standard book, but not every book requires a manuscript assessment or developmental editing. After having a look at your manuscript, we will be able to advise you on what editing is required.

Post-publication support

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All Publish Central packages come with 12 months of post-publication support, where we’re here to answer all of your questions or offer advice about your book. Does somebody want to order a large quantity of books and you’re not sure what to do? Give us a call. Running low on books and you’re not sure how many to reprint? We can help. Need some fresh ideas for using your book in your business? We know what to do. (And, really, this doesn’t stop after 12 months. If you’re one of our authors, you’re one of our authors for life.)

Like to learn more?

Please note that it is the self-publisher’s responsibility to generate publicity, and therefore sales, for their book. Our distribution options make your book available, but this does not guarantee sales. We do not market, publicise or promote your book in any way.


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