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To be able to include your book for bookshop distribution, we need to send the distributor some information to help them present it to the stores. Please fill out the form below, keeping in mind the information will be used in the distributor's catalogue and on their website, and the target audience is the bookstores not your readers. So, please provide information that you think will encourage stores to stock your book. If you have any queries about this form, please call Anna on (03) 9888 9549.

  • A description of what the book is about. Please provide 300 to 500 words.
  • If you're not sure, we suggest taking a look at similar books on Amazon or Booktopia to see what they are priced at. Feel free to also give us a call to discuss the price.
  • For example, why is the book unique? Why was the book written? Who is going to read the book and why? How is it different from other books in this area?
  • This may include: social media campaigns; traditional media campaigns to newspapers, TV and radio; speaking engagements; or anything else you plan to do to promote the book. We don't need specific details at this stage – just an overview of what you have planned.
  • A short, succinct biography
  • Please provide your suburb and state. This is in case any local bookstores want to connect with you.
  • Every little bit helps. For example, you can add details about a previous book you have written, or previous media appearances, or your large social media following.

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